Zheng takes Maiden Title

Henry Zhengs rapid progression in the game has been remarkable to say the least. Armed with a few helpful tips and an appetite for You Tube, Henry posted 16 stableford points in the 6 hole dash for cash for his maiden victory at the Links.


For his efforts, Henry not only walked away with a heavier pocket but also earned a reduction to his handicap the next time he pegs it up. This may not initially appeal to Henry, but it does signal improvement in his game which is testament to his dedication and hard work.


Special Event Recipients


NTP # 12 – Ajay Kotwal

NTP in 2 Shots # 14 – Mike Sherman

NTP in 3 Shots # 13 – Ash Shukla

Chip Shot – Roll Over

Longest Putt – Roll Over

Least Putts – David Biddlecombe, Ash Shukla, Ben Glanfield – 9 putts

Blind Pairs T 1st – Henry Zheng & Jumah Al Alawi – 21 pts

Blind Pairs T 1st – Ed Bantry White & Robbie Cunningham – 21 pts