Bird Life in Towerlinks

The Emirate Ras Al Khaimah combines a fascinating and a relaxing tourist hub with its calm blue seas with clean white beaches, dramatic desert dunes and the majestic Hajjar Mountains. It has numerous fascinating tourist landmarks, beautiful wildlife conservations and sanctuaries. Golf has become one of the leading tourist attractions within the emirate.

During the winter migration period, Ras Al Khaimah has always featured as a stopover for thousands of birds thanks to the warm climate it offers, and this is no more evident than at Tower Links. The Mangrove reserve that intertwines throughout the course provides a perfect resting place for waders to spend their Winter as it provide them with  a smorgasbord of tiny crustaceans to feast upon. When golfing on the Links you will not only see numerous beard species but will be able to hear them as they sing with joy at their little piece of paradise in the sun.

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