Tower Toppled by Hamra in the Heat

The Al Hamra Interclub team has halted Tower Links stranglehold on the annual Interclub match with a much deserved victory after completing the second leg at Tower Links on June 13th.
Compared to the first leg, the teams were gifted glorious conditions, with a refreshing breeze allowing players some respite from the sun’s menacing ways. Leading by 9 points after the first leg at Al Hamra on June 6th, the team headed the 15 minutes north with their heads held high and a clear purpose, which was to topple Tower Links.
With the first 3 matches reaching the clubhouse, Tower Links had reduced the deficit to 4 points, but unfortunately that is as close as Al Hamra ever allowed them to get. A steady return of points from the remaining 8 teams kept Tower at arm’s length, with the final score reading, Al Hamra – 35 points, Tower Links 31 points.