Sharples & Townsend Tie at the Top

Anthony Sharples and Joe “Dirt “Townsend decimated the field as their 21 point haul in the weekly social had both chaps sharing the dais in the top spot.


Townsend, who originally hails from Witney in Oxfordshire has a lengthy golfing pedigree dating back to his youth at Burford Golf Club, so a win was more a matter of when not if.


Sharples is also a talented player who has been away from the game for a couple of seasons but this Victory proves that he has not lost any of his skills on the golf course.


Pin Winners


NTP – 12th – Joe Townsend

NTP – 16th – Simon Payne

NTP in 3 Shots – 13th – Ahmad Mustapha

Least Putts – David Biddlecombe – 11 putts

Blind Pairs Winners

1st – Dene Ramsden & Anthony Sharples – 37 pts

T2nd – Mohamed Abdel Fattah & Ahmad Mustapha / Joe Townsend & Andrew Lewis