Maguire & Fisher have the last Laugh

John Maguire & Derek Fisher gelled perfectly to claim the honors in the 2 player Turkey Shoot with a score of 29.15 net. The format tests the not only the skill level of the players but their patience, and Derek had plenty on this particular night as John struggled with all aspects of his game.

Slipping into second place just behind the winning duo was Fady Azzam and Ahmad Mustapha who gross score of 36 was highlighted by two very impressive birdies on the Par 3 12th and 16th. Third place on the night went to Cavan Bickell and Wilma Fernandes who played very solidly for their score of 30.1 net.

Spooning on the evening were Phil Madin and John Kendall who had absolutely no luck on the night whatsoever, which is the story they are sticking to but I know better!!