Jovial Jihad Delight’s in Social

Jihad Azzam struck gold in the weekly social as he extracted 21 stableford points from the inward nine at the Links.


Racing around the course like a patient that has forgotten to take their dosage Ritalin, Jihad kept his composure long enough to make birdies on holes 11 and 14, but momentarily slipped back into a state of overexcitement on the 13th and 16th  where two double bogey’s reared their ugly heads.


Hot on the heels of Jihad but always just a fraction to far back to enforce any real heat was Ahmad Mustapha and Ajay Kotwal whom both posted 18 stableford points. Unfortunately for Ajay, Ahmad beat him to the line in the card countback but his recent run of good form says that a win is not far around the corner.