Jihad & Mizu Dominate Social Scramble

The 2 player Friday Social Scramble on March 3rd was dominated by the inform pairing of Jihad Azzam and Mohamed Abdel Fattah (Mizu) as they posted a terrific score of 65.02 net.


The pair overpowered the course with a gross of 67 despite a multitude of missed opportunities with the flat stick that denied them an even greater winning margin.


This however paled into insignificance for the pair as the big prize for them was that they edged out their good friends and regular playing partners, Fady Azzam and Ahmad Mustapha into the winning position, as they fell ever so shy with their score of 65.34 net.


The disappointment for Fady and Ahmad was clear to see, and despite the course being against them on the day, they vowed to seek revenge on their good friends the next time they do battle, sorry, golf.



Third place on the day was awarded to David Biddlecombe and Simon Payne with a net score of 66.58, which elevated them just ahead of J.I. Park and Doctor Jey.


Pin recipients on the day were Doctor Jey on the 8th, Simon Payne on the 12th with David Michie finally finding the clubface to claim the 16th.