Hanif & Satnam Sail to Victory in RAK Ports

With risings temperatures and a record field of 76 golfers teeing it up in the RAK Ports Trophy scoring was going to be very tight, which was definitely the case in the Men’s Division.


A four way card count back was required to find the Winner and fortunately for Hanif Ibrahim he came out smelling of roses after the scores were correlated. Hanif, Steve White, Marc Maccallum and Mike Sherman all posted solid scores of 36 points, with Steve White and Marc filling the minor places.


As for the Ladies Division, it was Satnam Kaur who walked away victorious after posting 35 stableford points which was good enough for a 5 point winning margin over Annie Marriott with newcomer to the game Dana Zhvalik building some confidence with her third place finish on 29 stableford points.


Special Event Winners

NTP # 4 – Shannon Fleming

NTP # 8 – Marc Maccallum

NTP # 12  – Ajay Kotwal

NTP # 16 – Ray Stirton

NTP in 3 shots # 18 – Liam Walker

Longest Drive # 10 – Dr. Jey