Handy Hanif Handles Golden Ball like a Pro

Hanif Ibrahim shrugged off some indifferent form to walk away with the Golden Ball firmly in his possession and along with it a spot in the RAK Challenge Tour Grand Final Pro-Am after posting a sensational net of 73 in the October Challenge.


Hanif played the outward nine in 43 strokes which given the oppressive humidity paid testament to his superior fitness and regimented intake of natural fluids and carbohydrates.


Upon turning for the inward nine it seemed like his supplement supply dried up, as an indifferent start on holes 10 & 11 sent alarm bells ringing and his playing partners into a dehydrated lip licking frenzy.


Despite forcing a mandatory liquid stop at the beverage station to recoup their lost electrolytes they could do little to stop the H. Train as he ran express to the House and a much-deserved win.