Glanners Breaks through Whilst Mizu Stars Again

Ben Glanfield had a grin wider than a Cheshire cat as he broke through for his maiden Victory in the 7 & above handicap category with a solid 18 stableford points.


Glanfield has been a staunch supporter of the event since its inception, with this week’s win long overdue, so we all look forward to seeing if he can make it back to back wins this week.


In the 6 & below category it was Mighty Mizu who has now won twice in a 3 week stretch as he posted a score of 19 stableford points playing of a handicap of +1.


Courtesy of this win, Mizu will now be playing of a +2 handicap over 9 holes, so it will be interesting to see if we see his name atop the leader board again before the summer break.


Special Event Winners

NTP in 2 shots # 15 – H.E. Sheikh Fahim

NTP in 3 shots # 13 – Mizu

NTP # 16 – Nigel Pinto

NTP in 2 shots # 14 – Ajay Kotwal

NTP in 3 shots # 18 – Sam Dawson

Longest Putt – Roll Over

Chip Shot – Roll Over

Least Putts – Ben Glanfield & Ahmad Mustapha – 12 putts

Blind Pairs

1st – Mizu & Ben Glanfield – 37 pts

2nd – Jihad Azzam & Sam Dawson – 30 pts