Dawsy Dominates Social

Sam “Dawsy” Dawson decimated the back nine in the weekly stableford, shooting 22 stableford points which signaled a return to form for the Stoke-on-Trent golfer.

Buoyed by a soft fade that had turned into a hard cut in recent times had seen Sam slip off the golfing radar somewhat, but 5 net birdies in Thursday’s performance seems to indicate that the soft fade has made a welcome return.

With numbers reaching 34 there was enough in the kitty for a Runner Up prize and this was shared by Westley Hughes and Andrew Lewis who impressed with their effort of 19 stableford points.

Blind Pairs Winners were Sam Dawson and Westley Hughes with a record tally of 41 stableford points, with Andy Lewis and Fady Azzam taking Second Place on 32 stableford points and Dan Zhvalik and Ben Down claiming Third Place on 30 stableford points.


Pin prizes were a plenty with the following recipients claiming the spoils


NTP # 12th – Gerry Gibson

NTP #16th – Ahmad Mustapha

NTP in 2 shots # 15th – Phil Madin

NTP in 2 shots # 17th – Joe “Sandman” Townsend

NTP in 3 shots # 13th – Andy Lewis

NTP in 2 shots # 10th – Mike Sherman

Chip Shot # 11th – Roll Over

Longest Putt # 18th – Jihad Azzam