Azzam & Payne Get Hot in Christmas Scramble

With the Mercury unseasonably high deep into December, it was Jihad Azzam and Simon Payne whom found the warm conditions to their likening as they walked away victorious with the coveted Christmas Scramble Title with a respectable score 62.8 net.


Azzam and Payne did not have it all their own way however and needed a little bit of lady luck as card countback was required to claim the win over the consistent pairing of Chang Goo Baek and Jinso Lee, as they also finished on the magical number.


Third place on the day was awarded to Eui Yong Jeon and Michelle Lim whom played some sensational golf on the day and were lucky not to feature higher on the rostrum, but if their current vein of form continues then we will see this pairing more frequently as the golfing season continues.


There was a multitude of Special Events on the day with the winners as follows,


  • Best Dressed – Fady Azzam & Ahmad Mustapha
  • 2nd Best Dressed – Annette Mansell
  • NTP # 4 – Oliver Set & Eddy Rodriguez
  • NTP # 8 – Cliff Brand & Partha
  • NTP # 12 – Ash Shukla & Patricia Mottershead
  • NTP # 16 – Cavan & Wilma Bickell
  • NTP in 2 shots # 2 – Jihad Azzam & Simon Payne
  • NTP in 2 shots # 9 – David Biddlecombe & Mizu
  • NTP in 2 shots # 14 – Craig Mainey & Mike Sherman
  • NTP in 3 shots # 7 – Eui Yong Jeon & Michelle Lim

NTP in 3 shots # 18 – Mike Magee & Conor Magee