Alistair’s brings his A game

Alistair Barker played some outstanding golf to win the Individual Murphy’s Wednesday Social with a healthy score of +5. Barker has had a love hate relationship with his Driver of late with his short game being the aspect of the game keeping him aloft.


This role however was reversed on the night as he hit some prodigious drives in the damp air that definitely gave him an advantage on the shorter holes which enabled him to muscle a few birdies from the course. Second place on the evening and nipping at Alistair’s FJ shoe laces was Mike Magee with a very fine effort of +4, with the highlight being the net eagle on the 16th which netted him +5.


Third Place was awarded to Greg Maddox on a score of +1 after an adjudicators error had been spotted after the event. Unfortunately things like this happen when you are dealing with the frailties of being human and hopefully Mr. Maddox will put his voucher to some use.


Jihad Azzam lived up to his reputation as an accurate iron player as he claimed the pin on the 12th with Gentle Gerry Gibson finding the 16th to his appeal. For Andrew Kotwal 1 week must have felt like 1 year ago, as 7 days prior he was on the Winner’s Dias with his father, but unfortunately on this night he walked the road less travelled and claimed his first SPOON for his effort of -17.