Agile Ajay Astounds in Social

Ajay Kotwal returned to winning ways with 19 stableford points after a 2 week absence as his handicap returned to normal after having it addressed for outstanding play.


Kotwal is quite fond of the Thursday Tourette’s Knock about which his wallet will endorse as it is supporting some rather unattractive stretch marks as it is generally stuffed on a weekly basis.

The key to Ajay’s game is consistency, and rarely does he miss a fairway which provides him with a huge advantage over most that done the fairways on a weekly basis, but with a reduction back to a 2 handicap for this week we wonder what Ajay has in store for us.

We had a rather swollen turn out on March 23rd with 28 players striding around the Links and as such we were able to run some additional prizes, with the Winners Listed below.


Pin # 12 – Ahmad Mustapha

Pin # 16 – Ryan Reynolds

Longest Putt # – 14 – Some Manc Bloke

Approach # 10 – House of Payne

Nearest in 3 # – 18 – House of Payne

Nearest Chip # – 16 – Ajay Kotwal

1st Blind Pairs – Ahmad Mustapha & Ben Mosley

2nd Blind Pairs – Ash Shukla & MANC Bloke

3rd Blind Pairs – Sam (I punch above my weight) Dawson & Willem De Fo

4th Blind Pairs – Mizu & Willem DeFo

5th Blind Pairs – Half Day Dave & Robbie Cunningham